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9 Essential Budget Travel Tips To Feed Your Wanderlust

If it were up to us, we would surely travel all our lives. Unfortunately, travelling the world is not so simple. This doesn’t mean travelling to exotic should require a fortune. If you are careful with your money, you can conveniently budget a trip for yourself.

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Here’s a list of budget travel tips that will help you plan a fun getaway:-

9 Tried And Tested Budget Travel Tips

1. Do Not Travel During Peak Seasons

Do not travel during the school break. This is the peak season for the travel industry. As a result, your expenses are sure to significantly increase. Travellers during this period are compelled to pay an exorbitant amount of money.

So, it’s always better to do your research first. Check what the best time would be to visit your destination. Make it a point to travel before or right after the peak season. In this way, you’ll still be able to enjoy your trip at an affordable rate.

To keep the business running, the travel industry lowers the travel expenses during the off-peak period to attract customers. Flight tickets are a lot cheaper. In addition to that, finding low-rate and comfortable accommodation becomes quite easy.

2. Plan Ahead

Before stepping out of the house, make sure you thoroughly research the destination you are planning to visit. Being aware of the culture, people, foods, etc. will surely come in handy. The research will help you locate the expensive parts of the city that you may want to avoid. Make a small list of places you want to visit.

Decide how much time you want to dedicate to a particular destination. This way, you’ll be able to create a rough itinerary of your trip. For a budget traveller, planning is imperative. It will not only help you manage your expenses but also navigate your way.

3. Develop A Local Taste

For budget travellers, visiting overpriced cafés and restaurants is not advised. Instead, eating local food joints or spots is recommended. The food served is cheap and fresh. By spending time at a local eatery, you will also be able to observe the locals closely.

This would make for an authentic experience. Famous tourist restaurants are ridiculously overpriced. Sometimes they are not even worth the hype.

If you like cooking, you can also pack a few handmade sandwiches to eat on the go. This could save you a lot of money.

4. Choose A Budget Airline

Choosing the right airline is highly essential. The wrong one can disrupt your entire budget. Use a pocket-friendly airline.

Be clever enough to avoid additional charges. If you are looking for extra perks, you may be charged extra.

Budget airlines might not be the most comfortable travel experience but they are cheaper and budget-friendly.

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5. Spend Less On Transportation

Transportation can easily eat up your money if you are not careful. Familiarise yourself with public transportation facilities. Local subways and buses are cheap ways to travel across the city.

You not only save money but also get to experience the place like a local. Instead of opting for local cabs or taxis, choose Uber as the service is much more affordable. If you are planning to stay for a long period of time, personal transport is the best option.

6. Walk As Much As You Can

It’s not necessary to travel by taxi or public transport to every place you visit. If the distance is less than 5 miles, walk to the place.

Not only do you save a lot of money, but you also get to browse through local shops on your way. You get to interact with the locals, making for a culturally immersive experience.

7. Travel Slowly

Staying in a place for a long period of time allows you to find cheap places to eat and hang out. Book accommodation for a week-long stay and explore your surroundings.

Travelling to different places every other day can cost a lot. By staying in one place, you automatically cut down on transport expenses which is truly a saving grace for your budget.

A long stay allows you to take some time off for yourself. There’s no rush to tour the city You don’t have to deal with the anxiety of visiting all the popular sights. You can soak up some sunshine on the beach, explore the local surroundings, and discover new eating joints.

8. Choose Cheap Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation is the most important factor to keep in mind before heading out.

It’s easy to splurge all your money in one go and spend the night at an expensive hotel. That’s not to how budget travel works.

There are plenty of local dwelling options available. You can choose to stay in locally run home-stays or guesthouses.

These cheap accommodations are quite comfortable and are equipped with basic amenities. From cosy beds to running showers, what more do you need? 

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9. Do Not Buy Unnecessary Stuff

If you are planning to go for a long adventure then refrain from impromptu purchases.

If it’s something you really want, adjust your budget accordingly.

Do not buy everything that catches your eye. There are things we may love but have no practical use for. It’s nothing but a sheer waste of money.

You might feel fulfilled at the moment but it can affect your long term plans. And mind you, travelling on a budget is not a piece of cake. We hope these tips help you make it easier for yourself.

If you are planning to travel the world on a budget, do consider the travel tips mentioned above!

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