How to clear airport security quickly.

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Top tips on clearing airport security

It is not easy to navigate through airports. For many people, it can be stressful for clearing airport security quickly. Irrespective of your airline and itineraries, you need to go through the security before you go to the departure gate.

In today’s article, we will tell you “how to clear airport security quickly. We recommend you to read this article thoroughly so that you grasp all the essential information and get the most out of it. Read on!

Sign Up For TSA Pre-Check

With TSA Pre-Check, you will have access to the expedited security line where there is a reduced number of security measures. With it, you won’t have to remove your clothing, shoes, jackets, or any electronic gadgets like laptops, tablets, phones from your bag.

It is important to know that Pre-Check is offered by the U.S Transportation Security Administration “TSA,” which is available at 200 airports and 37 airlines. It is a Trusted Traveler Program that helps you avoid intense security checkpoints at the airport.

If you haven’t signed for TSA Pre-Check, then you need to follow our tips that would help you clear security checkpoints quickly. Continue reading!

Wear as Little Metal as Possible

You need to wear as little as metal as possible. For instance, wear clothes and shoes that are not made from metals. If your belt is made from metal or similar material, always remove it while passing through security checkpoints.

Empty your pockets and keep your keys into the carry-on when you arrive at any checkpoint. In addition, remove your body piercings or go through the pat-down screening to save time.You need to be very careful while picking out your travel attire. Experts recommend wearing a big-pocket jacket as it would allow you to quickly throw your wallet, phone, and passport in your pocket before you grab the rest of your belongings.

Know and Adhere to Security Rules

It is important that you remove your laptop from its case and place it in its own bin. Also ensure that you have enough battery charge available on electronic devices just in case you are asked to turn them on. This is necessary if you are not in a Pre-Check lane.

You need to ensure that any type of liquids, gels and toiletries etc must be 3.4 ounces (100ml) or lower, and they must all fit in a one quart clear zip top bag. This is normally 3 items.

Before you go through the security line, you must throw away bottles containing any liquid. If you have any reusable bottle, you also need to empty it. Otherwise, if you have a liquid- containing bottle in your bag, the security personnel will re-screen it, which will cost you a lot of time.

There are a few things you need to take into consideration while going through the metal detectors. To avoid any issues and save your time, it is important that you quickly collect your bags or belongings from the belt.

Reassemble yourself properly and make sure you do it away from the screening area. Taking your belonging off the belt quickly means other travelers could move through the line quickly.

Keep a check on the waiting time

There are many airports in the U.S, which has achieved record wait times. Consequently, this has caused problems for a large number of travelers. So, you need to time your trip precisely to the airport.

The question is “how to do this?” Well, today, there are many smartphone apps that will give you updates on real-time estimations on “security waiting times.” For instance, Mi-Flight gives you incredible tools that help you give estimated times at the airport from where you will depart.

Such applications would let you know about the status of the line several hours before – so that you can make an informed decision regarding your arrival at the airport. In the U.S, there are several airports, which provide subscription services to travelers – and using them would allow the passengers to get updates on the waiting time and length of the line in the terminal.

Fly at the Right Time

You might have heard intense stories on News and Social Media about airports and how they get busy around holidays. For example, on Christmas or New Year holidays, the airport security lines are tough to clear.

With a large number of travelers using airports during such peak times, it is important to wisely pick your flight times. Experts recommend avoiding flights departing at peak times such as on weekends (Friday and Saturday evenings).

To help other travelers, please give your tips on to “how to clear airport security quickly” in the comments in this blog post and Good Luck!

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