Most Instagrammable Places in Bratislava


10 Most Instagrammable Places in Bratislava

Bratislava is the most underrated yet beautiful destination in Europe. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia that doesn’t see as many crowds of tourists  as compared to it’s popular neighbouring Capitals, such as Vienna and Prague. But let us tell you a fact, Bratislava has a lot to offer to its tourists and you will be surprised but the city is home to some of the most beautiful attractions that are Instagram worthy. Yes, that’s true. Today is the age of Instagram, where travelers put every little detail of their tours on Instagram for the world to see. Bratislava is not too touristy, but it has some of the best places you can visit and take photographs to put on your Instagram.

We have summed up some of the most stunning attractions that you should visit when you are in Bratislava. Keep on reading and plan your trip right away!

1. The Blue Church

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This fairytale-like church is the most beautiful in Bratislava, also known as St. Elisabeth Catholic Church. The church is located at a walking distance from the famous central square. The pretty blue building of the church makes a perfect background for the photos. Once you go inside, you’ll be surprised by the unique architecture designed by Edmund Lechner. You don’t even have to add a filter on your photo as the church itself has beautiful blue tones to compliment your Instagram feed.

Blue Church in Bratislava
Blue Church in Bratislava

2. Klemensova Street Villa

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This villa is Bratislava must be on your list of places to visit in the city. Located near the Blue Church, Klemensova Street Villa is a perfect green building, and by green, we don’t mean it’s green in colour. The building is all covered with ivy leaves, making it a surreal sight to witness. There are many cafes around where you can view this green building while enjoying a cup of coffee.

3. Konditorei Kormuth

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This vintage type of place is perfect for those who want to experience history, culture, and home-made delicious cakes and coffee all in one place. And oh, the best background for your photos. The patisserie delivers you a fantastic gastronomy experience where elegance meets taste. Once you enter the site, you’ll be surprised to see the incredible interior and smell the delicious cake made fresh in the kitchen with the finest ingredients. Don’t forget to take plenty of photos there for your Instagram.

4. Bratislava Castle Garden

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The garden just opened to the public recently, and all renovated, and since then, it has been attracting a lot of visitors every day. The garden is a famous spot to relax or take beautiful photos for your Instagram feed. You’ll be surprised to see over 100 trees and around 1500 annuals surrounding the garden.

5. The Main Square

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The Main Square is another famous attraction in Bratislava that is home to several landmarks such as the Maximillian Fountain and the Old Town Hall. If you want to witness the breathtaking city views, you can climb the Old Town Hall. The square also features many colorful buildings and cafes where you can enjoy local coffee and a variety of desserts.

6. Old Town Streets

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You cannot just leave Bratislava without visiting the alleyways of the Old Town. Wander around the streets and catch a glimpse of old colorful buildings. You’ll rarely find many people there, so it’s an excellent chance to take many photos there with a cute backdrop full of colours. Take enough time to explore as all the tiny streets are beautiful and worth a visit.

7. Šafárikovo Square

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Home to plenty of Neo-Baroque and Neo-Gothic houses, the square is a famous Instagrammable spot. Many buildings here are dating back to the 20th century. While you can stroll around the square capturing the breathtaking places, you can also relax in a small park in the middle of the square. The square also features many tram stops from where you can take a tram taking you to many famous spots.

8. Devín Castle

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Devín Castle is another unique landmark located on a cliff in the middle of ruins. Once you climb to the castle, you’ll witness stunning views of Morava and Danube rivers. This castle is an integral part of the country and should be on your list of must-visit places. Not to forget, the site offers plenty of spots for your Instagram feed.

9. Pink Garden

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It is not any garden but a cute little café with all things pink. You girls, if you want to visit a pretty photogenic place, you must come here. The major highlight of the café is the pink flowers that will make you feel like you’re standing in a garden. There is also a pink-colored swing you can sit on and take plenty of photos. The menu of the café is equally impressive with things like coffee, cakes, and snacks. Not into something sweet? Don’t worry as the café also serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

10. KOUN

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See all those cute gelato photos with a colourful background or city’s views on Instagram? Well, you can have that too. KOUN is a gelato café in Bratislava that serves the best gelato in town. Not just gelato, the café also serves coffee in cute little cups along with cupcakes, cookies, tiramisu, and a variety of other delicious desserts. Visit this café and take endless pictures for your Instagram feed.

That’s was not all about Bratislava. There is a lot more to see and do here from hundreds of pretty cafés to historical landmarks to gardens, the city as too much to offer. If you haven’t visited Slovakia yet, do it now. If the weather is not an issue for you, visit in the winter season where trees are filled with snow, and the town is covered with the snow blanket. You’ll also witness the lit streets at night.

Plan your trip to the city now and get ready to have hundreds of photos to keep your Instagram audience glued to your feed. If you have ever been to Bratislava, do share your experience with us in the comments!

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