Most Instagrammable Places in Lille, France

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Top 10 Instagrammable places in Lille

Lille is probably one of the most beautiful cities in France yet it is not known to many tourists. The beauty of Lille is still untouched by many people who don’t have any idea about what this breathtaking place has to offer. The city is not big but it houses at least 48 museums. The old town of Lille has an abundance of historic buildings and luxury houses dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. If you are into French culture and history, then you must head off to Lille and check out all the places it has to offer. On your visit to Lille, it is recommended that you take a Lille City Tour  The beautiful architecture, colourful houses, small coffee shops will surely keep you busy capturing every moment on your camera for your Instagram feed. 

Here are not all but some of the most Instagrammable places located in Lille that you must visit while you are in the city:

1. Vieux-Lille

Walk around the beautiful historic buildings of the old town of Lille that are restored well. It is recommended that you undertake a walking tour in Lille.  The colourful buildings made of stone and brick with unique facades will leave you awestruck for sure. You can start your walk from the famous Rue de la Monnaie Street and Louise de Bettignies square through the decorative shops and historic buildings during the daytime and enjoy partying at night. If you go on a Sunday night, you might end up joining a tango dance party under the sky.

Vieux in Lille

2. Maison Natale Charles de Gaulle 

You haven’t visited Lille if you have not seen the House of Charles de Gaulle who was born on November 22, 1890. The house now serves as a museum and depicts 19th century architecture and furniture. There are many artefacts that will catch your attention in the house especially the famous staircase. 

Maison Natale Charles de Gaulle
Famous staircase at the Maison Natale Charles de Gaulle

3. Palais des Beaux-Arts

A simple yet large museum, Palais des Beaux-Arts is a must-visit place for all art lovers. It’s a breathtaking summer palace dating back to the end of the 19th century whereas the art pieces in the museum are from 1400s. You’ll witness the artwork of some of the renowned artists including Rubens, Monet, Jacob Jordaens, Raphael and Picasso. You’ll need half a day at least to see most of the museum. 

Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille
Palais des Beaux- Arts de Lille

4. Grand Place

You might have seen this huge architectural masterpiece all over Instagram. This expansive main square is located in Lille where thousands of tourists gather to start their sightseeing tours. The square is surrounded by old yet magnificent gabled buildings. Some of the places of interest around the Grand Place include Theatre du Nordthat is situated in Lille’s former guardhouse built in 1717 and Colonne de la Deesse also known as Memorial of the Siege of 1792. 

Grand Place
Grand Place in Lille

5. Lille Citadelle

Another most Instagrammable place in the city is “Lille Citadelle”. It took around three years to build this star-shaped citadel and was designed by the famous Vauban; a French military engineer who participated in each of the wars fought by France during the ruling of Louis XIV. The architecture of the house consists of millions of stone blocks, bricks, and sandstone. Though you cannot enter the Citadel as it is serving as a French military base today, you can still take a picture of its exterior and take a walk in the canal-side park around the Citadel. 

Lille Citadelle
Citadel of Lille

6. Porte de Paris

You might have seen many Arcs around Europe but this one looks pretty unique among all. The Porte de Paris also known as “Gate of Paris” is an Arc de Triomphe that was built in the 17th century to commemorate the victory of Louis XIV. 

Porte de Paris - Lille
Porte de Paris in Lille
Porte de Paris Image
In the vicinity of Porte de Paris.

7. Vieille Bourse

If you are interested in reading or you are a literature fan by heart, then you must visit this place. Also known as “Old Stock Exchange”, Vieille Bourse features buildings that are dating back to the 17th century or old. The area consists of 24 houses built on the same structure and colours. If you just want to witness the beautiful architecture of the buildings, you may visit in the morning. However, if you want to buy some books, visit in the afternoon as there will be many secondhand booksellers. You’ll also witness people playing chess here.

Vieille Bourse - Lille
Vieille Bourse

8. Opera de Lille

Another magnificent building that is surely going to attract your fan base on Instagram is “Opera de Lille”. You may enter to enjoy a live performance but even if you don’t want to, that’s alright as the building’s stunning façade is going to grab your attention. If the weather is nice, get some ice cream and enjoy the view sitting on the stairs of Opera de Lille.


9. Beffroi de Lille

If you want to capture some best views of the city, then you have to climb over 100 steps to Beffroi de Lille of Belfry. You can enjoy the 360-degree view of Lille from the top of Belfry that is also a UNESCO heritage site. The site is opened every day from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5.30 pm. You can buy tickets online. You can also rent binoculars and audio guides from the site. Once you get your ticket, you’ll have 30 minutes to enjoy the breathtaking view of Lille and capture these on your camera. 


10. Meert 

No visitor comes back from Lille without tasting the scrumptious desserts at Meert. The shop has been serving delicious sweets and pastries since 1761.

Great sweets and pastries at Méert

Their chocolates and desserts are like no other in the town. Situated in the centre of the city, you must stop there and enjoy a piece of delicious cake along with coffee amidst the beautiful surroundings.  

Try Vanilla Waffles at Meert in Lille

You can stay in Lille for a few days and visit all the places mentioned above. Getting around the city is very easy. There are buses, trams, and metros that can take you around the city. The most cost effective way to get around Lille is to purchase a Lille City Pass which provides for unlimited travel in Lille and entrance to a number attractions in this post.  Do visit Lille on your next trip to France. Have a wonderful trip to Lille, France!

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    I was going to visit Paris and the North of France on April, but I had to postpone everything due to the pandemic. I’m hoping I can travel at the end of the year. In the meantine, I’m looking at even more places to visit, and Lille is definitely going in my list, the architecture is unbelivable.

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