Most Instagrammable Places in Santorini

8 Most Instagrammable Places in Santorini

Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece that’s on the bucket list of almost every traveller, especially couples. Santorini has earned its reputation for breathtaking panorama views, magical sunsets, white Cliffside buildings, volcanic sand beaches, blue domes, and a lot more. This magnificent Greek Island is on the bucket list of almost every traveller across the world, especially couples.

Once you step on the land of Santorini, you’ll be amazed by every beautiful corner this island has. Santorini gives you a solid reason to keep your camera ready at all times, as you might come across a sight worth capturing at any corner of the island. While it is nearly impossible to find a photo spot not worthy of capturing in Santorini, there are some locations standing above the rest. These spots are widely famous all over the world and also the most captured ones you often see on Instagram when you type #Santorini in the search bar.

1. Oia at Sunset

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The very first spot that comes to mind when you first think of Santorini is the beautiful town of Oia. This coastal town is located on the northwestern side of Santorini and features stunning white-washed houses that are carved into the rugged cliffs. It’s a famous hotspot for tourists who wish to capture the sunset view from the clifftop. Make your camera ready as you’ll witness the most beautiful view of your lifetime during sunset. Then the sun begins to go down slowly, and the sky starts to change its colour, you are guaranteed to get shocked at how magical the view is in Oia!

Oia at Sunset
Oia at sunset, Santorini

2. The town of Firá

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Fira Santorini
Fira is a city of white-washed houses built on the edge of the caldera on the western edge of the semi-circular island of Thera (Santorini).

Firá, the capital of Santorini, is another most sought after destination of Santorini. The whole town comprises of striking white-washed terraces and houses, pretty little squares, blue-domed churches all perching on the clifftops standing about 300 meters above the caldera. The only way to reach Firá is through walking or riding a mule. Another fun way to reach Firá is through a cable-car. You’ll be able to witness surreal views from the car and capture these moments with your camera. Don’t forget to wander in the picturesque alleys of Firá and pose in front of the colourful doors for a pretty picture to post on Instagram.

Fira Santorini
Greece. Cyclades Islands – Santorini (Thira). Fira town (the modern capital of island) with characteristic style for Cycladic architecture. There are islands: Nea Kameni and Thirasia in the background

3. Amoudi Bay

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There is no shortage of pretty places in Santorini, and Amoudi Bay is one of them. It’s a small fishing village and a colourful port located just below the Oia. Starting from Oia, walk down to the Amoudi Bay that will take about 300 steps. Driving down there is also an option, but you might miss on the views that you may see while walking. From Amoudi Bay, the views of Oia and ochre cliffs are too beautiful to miss. Don’t forget to charge your camera and keep an extra card if possible as you may run out of space pretty soon – each part of the Santorini, including Amoudi Bay, is worth capturing.

Amoudi Bay Santorini
Amoudi Bay port in Santorini island in the Cyclades, Greece

4. Red Beach

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You cannot just visit Santorini and not visit the iconic Red Beach located in Akrotiri. The beach got its name from the colour of red rocks. The red-coloured rocks, dark blue waters, and pebbles make Red Beach a picturesque spot to visit and capture photos for your Instagram feed. You can get a bus from Thira to Akrotíri or take a boat that directly goes to the beach. Most tourists just come to the Red Beach for views – yes, that is indeed a sight to behold. The Red Beach often closes temporarily due to the landslides. Make sure to check before you plan to visit there to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Red Beach Santorini
Red beach near Akrotiri on Santorini island, Greece

5. White Beach

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White beach is as impressive as the Red beach in Santorini, located at its southwest coast. Like the Red beach, the White beach got its name from the gorgeous white rocks combined with pebbles and blue water – all of it makes a surreal sight to witness. The huge white cliffs surround the beach with a few crevices and caves you should explore. There are not many amenities nearby other than umbrellas, sunbeds, and a canteen. This is why the White beach remains uncrowded and considered the most secluded beach in Santorini. You’ll also get to capture plenty of striking spots at White beach to bless your Instagram feed.

6. Imerovigli

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Imerovigli is a small village in Santorini located in the north of the island Firá. Also known as “balcony to the Aegean”, the village is famous for its beautiful sunset views over the coast. The white-washed houses with blue doors are situated together around the caldera along the narrow and paved paths. You can reach Imerovigli by taking the road to Oia. You’ll find this village right after Firá and Firostefani. When you come here, don’t forget to visit the Church of the Panagia Malteza that has a carved wooden screen and icons that are testimony of the old history.  

Imerovigli in Santorini, Greece

7. Perissa Beach

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Perissa Beach is known for its spectacular black sand, crystal clear blue waters, and huge cliffs in the surrounding. The beach is around 7 km long and shows the views of Mesa Vuono that makes the view even more attractive. Unlike the White beach, Perissa beach has everything that you need. It has so many things to make your trip more exciting, from beach essentials to budget hotels to bars, cafes, and restaurants. Above all, the beach offers views worthy of capturing with your camera and post on Instagram.

Perissa Beach
Tanning beds and umbrellas on Perissa beach, Santorini, Greece.

8. Cafes of Santorini

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The most amazing views of sunrise and sunsets can be witnessed from the cafes of Santorini. Watch the magical views over the sea while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee. Go to Melenio Café in Oia if you want to eat delicious sweets with the best views. Try their famous Greek coffee and baklava early during the day. This café doesn’t have a WIFI facility as they want the customers to enjoy talking to each other while praising Santorini’s unfiltered beauty. Other cafes include Skiza Café, Chocolat Creperie, Lila Café, and Akrotiri Café.

Young woman drinking red wine looking at the beautiful sea

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