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Skyroam Review – Is this Portable Wi-Fi device worth it?

Many people say Skyroam is the best company offering a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. We are sure you have read many reviews on Skyroam. However, if you want to know and understand what it really is, you have landed in the right place.

Looking for the most realistic Skyroam Solis review? In today’s article, we will review the Skyroam Solis based on our research and personal experience with the device. Read on!

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Skyroam Solis

It is portable device with a Wi-Fi hotspot feature. According to the company, the device is operational in more than 130 countries of the world.

The device uses the same cutting-edge technology that most cell phones use to get you internet data.

The Skyroam Solis allows users to connect up to 5 devices over Wi-Fi simultaneously. It is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery.

You can even charge the Solis on the go. Interestingly, the device is small, lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use. This is why most users regard it as a travelling Wi-Fi hotspot devic


Why do you need Portable Wi-Fi?

Many people face the hassle of getting a reliable Wi-Fi connection, especially when they are on the go. Travelers, in particular, suffer the most when they don’t find a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Everyone knows that travellers staying in hotels in different parts of the world often complain about the stability of Wi-Fi. For instance, many hotels, restaurants, fast-food outlets offer free Wi-Fi to their customers, which is appreciable.

However, when you wait for that white circle to go away while streaming YouTube videos or downloading a large file from an email inbox while meeting your business partner in a hotel, everything becomes daunting.

You also have some other options such as using your home cell roaming plan or purchasing a local sim card but then again, these options have a lot of downsides. Buying a sim card in a foreign country has many cons, for example, you can hit data limits quickly.

Let’s say you have a lovely vacation going on in London, England. You enjoy the beautiful city and see many different places. However, the internet is a huge problem. This can cause pain. Let us clarify a bit more.

When you share your data with your laptop and your wife or children also demand Wi-Fi sharing via hotspot, it can slow down the speed significantly. Are you getting what we are trying to say?

Besides, it is often intimidating to determine which provider and plan to choose in a foreign country.

Let us break your heart a bit more. Do you know that most countries in the world do not allow travellers to legally purchase a local sim? Although there are some other ways to get a sim card, searching for them wastes your time and money.

This is where a portable Wi-Fi solution comes into play. You need a portable Wi-Fi device like Skyroam Solis that is not only affordable but also works in many countries of the world.

So, the Skyroam Solis is a 4g LTE Wi-Fi device, which works automatically off local cell towers. You even don’t need to buy a sim because this device works without sim cards.

Skyroam 3

Our View on the Skyroam Design

The Skyroam Solis has an incredible design. It is a lightweight and compact orange-colour device, which measures 3.5 inches across. The height of the device is 1 inch and weight is 5.44 ounces, which makes it lighter than many smartphones.

When it comes to the design of the Skyroam Solis, you will find a power button on the top of the device. Also, on the top, you will see a vertical LED indicator, which shows the status of the battery.

The 3 small red lights show the status of Wi-Fi connectivity and data transfers. On the side of the device, there is a USB-C port. Skyroam has amazing battery life.

We had connected the Solis to three different devices such as our laptop, cellphone, and iPad for over a week, we found that the device works well for 12-15 hours on average. You won’t need to recharge the battery for 12-15 hours even though you use it continuously.

The most interesting feature of the Skyroam Solis is that you can charge your smartphone because the device works incredibly as a power bank.


Who can take Benefit from Skyroam?

Who is Skyroam Solis good for? This is an important question. So, let us answer it. Skyroam is great for people who fear the outrageous high-data roaming charges. Travellers can get Skyroam Solis if they don’t want to buy a local SIM card or a data plan on their trips.

Vacationers who don’t want to unlock their smartphones in another country must get the Skyroam Solis Portable Wi-Fi device. Surely, they can connect the device to their smartphones and enjoy all the perks.

Besides, if you are sick of the poor Wi-Fi speed in the hotel where you are staying, again you need the Skyroam Wi-Fi device. This way, you can keep in touch with your family to find friends anywhere in the world.

The Skyroam Wi-Fi will work excellently for families who want to share Wi-Fi and enjoy the high-speed internet.

Moreover, if you are a digital nomad or business traveler who needs reliable Wi-Fi for work, you need to get your hands dirty on the amazing Skyroam Solis Wi-Fi gadget.

The device is even great for solo travellers. It is likewise beneficial for children who are fond of playing video games on tablets and phones to avoid boring hotel stay.

The Skyroam Go-Data is an incredible plan for people to purchase what they need – irrespective of travelling or staying at home. So, it is a good device for data toppers who have a limited amount of data.

Skyroam 3

The Speed of the Skyroam Solis

Even though the design of a device is stylish and catchy – who needs a gadget with poor Wi-Fi connectivity and speed, right? So, for many users, the important thing is to get hands on something that provide them a sophisticated Wi-Fi solution.

Yes, the Skyroam Solis works in over 130 countries, it has an attractive design, but what about the speed? Do you want to know? Continue reading!

To validate the claim of the company, we had to test the speed of this Wi-Fi device. So, we tested the device on the outskirts of London. We went on a road trip and connected multiple devices to the Skyroam Solis.

At first, we were getting a good speed of 35-40 Mbps. We think this is a good speed when it comes to uploading and downloading large files.

The upload speed was a bit slower than the download speed. We uploaded a 2 GB file to our Google Drive account and the average speed we measured was 22 Mbps, which was still not bad.

On the other hand, after uploading the file, we downloaded the same file from Google Drive. This time, on average, the measured speed was 36 Mbps.

So much so, getting reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and high speed of 35-40 Mbps allowed us to stream High-Definition “HD” videos on YouTube and Netflix without any buffering. To evaluate the speed, we played two HD videos on YouTube and Netflix on different devices.

The interesting thing about this device was that it evenly distributed the Wi-Fi. Using online Wi-Fi speed testing tools such as NetSpot and Acrylic WiFi, we found that the speed went down a little to 28 Mbps. The results were pretty much satisfactory.


The Skyroam Solis Data

Although the speed of the device passed our expectations, another important question you may want to know is “how much internet data will you get with the Skyroam?” You will be surprised to know that the Skyroam offers you unlimited data. Wow, this is amazing, isn’t it?

You can use the Skyroam Solis for hours and days continuously and you won’t notice any data curbing at all. In fact, our experience tells us that speed remains consistent and fast. We think that the unlimited data feature is awesome for travellers.

Besides, if you have throttling issues, Skyroam has a solution for you. The company recommends people to close any background apps that consume data.

For example, to avoid throttling, you need to look for app updates, cloud synchronisation, and auto-backups, etc. If these apps are consuming data, close them immediately so that your Wi-Fi speed is restored and you enjoy high-speed internet.

More interestingly the Skyroam data reset in one day, which means the data reset to higher speeds even if you have overused it or if there are any throttling issues. We think this isn’t a problem for many users – at least we haven’t face it.

Skyroam Go DataThe cost of Skyroam

You can use the Skyroam in a few different ways. The company offers a daily plan, monthly data subscription, and the new 1 GB GoData Subscription plan.

You don’t need to make any contracts. To use Skyroam, you only have to pay for the number of days or months that you use it.

The daily subscription data plan will work for 24 hours and it costs around $9 if you have bought the Skyroam device, which costs around $149.99.

When you buy a new Skyroam Solis device, you will get on a free daily-pass data plan. The data plan prices are lower in European countries – starting from 6.90 euros.

Moreover, you can get Skyroam’s unlimited data for $99 monthly. It is always a great idea to buy a Skyroam Solis device if you travel consistently.

You can also rent the device but it would be a bit costly if you are travelling consistently. This way, you can avoid waiting for a rental delivery, especially if you take off in an emergency.

The Skyroam Solis device provides many benefits in this regard. For instance, you pay a little less for the daily-pass subscription using your own device.

Also, if you get stuck in a place where you need high-speed internet and you don’t have to use your cell data, the Skyroam daily-pass plan is the best choice.

Besides, if you need to watch a large business video file or connect with your boss on Skype in a hotel lounge where the speed of the internet is not so fast, you can use the Skyroam device to get the job done accurately.

So much so, if you hiking or camping, you need the internet in your tent, right? If you use data, you can finish it in a couple of hours. We think this wouldn’t be a wise act losing all your data on YouTube videos or Netflix movies.

What if a storm hits you? You are in the woods, which means you have to follow survival tactics. Therefore, instead of using your data, you can use the Skyroam monthly package to get high-speed internet even in the woods. Obviously, you can use your data in an emergency situation. So, you need to be smart.

Skyroam 3

Why Subscribe to the Go-Data Plan?

The Go-Data Plan is an excellent offering from the Skyroam Company. You have to own a portable Skyroam Wi-Fi device to use the Go-Data monthly plan. It gives you 1 GB data for $9 a month. You can likewise buy more data at $9 per GB on the go.

As we said, there is no need for making any contracts. Also, you can connect up to 5 devices. You get 1GB data every month.

The unused data won’t roll forward. You can get the Unlimited Monthly Subscription, which is an affordable way for most travelers. This way, you don’t worry about the data.

You can seamlessly use Wi-Fi for as long as you want. You need to own the Skyroam devices such as Solis, Solis Lite, or Solis X.

There are different data plans. For instance, if you want to use the Wi-Fi globally, you can get an unlimited monthly plan for $99 a month. If you want to use it in the U.S, get it for $49 per month.

The Skyroam also offers three months of global coverage for a cost of $199. The interesting thing is that you can use Wi-Fi in over 130 countries.

Similarly, the Skyroam offers six months of global Wi-Fi coverage for a cost of $299. As you can see that the prices are affordable plus the perks of high-speed internet connectivity that you enjoy, it is worth it.

Skyroam Go Data

Skyroam Solis – Set up

The installation and setup of the Skyroam Solis are easy. You just need to follow a few steps to connect the gadget to the device.

You can also configure it as per your needs. How you can set up the Skyroam Solis Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Device. We will tell you “step-by-step.”

First, you need to connect the battery. For this, simply pull a little plastic tab and insert the battery.

You will see that the package includes a cell charger, a USB cable for charging, and an instructional manual. Follow the instructions provided in the manual to set up the device.

Second, connect the Skyroam Solis to the cell charger through the provided USB cable. This way, you will charge the device in case it is not pre-charged.

If it is pre-charged, then, there is no need for charging the device. Here are steps to set up the Skyroam Solis Wi-Fi Device!

Step 1: To get the Wi-Fi, you need to press and hold the power button, which is located on the top or side (depending on the model).

Step 2: Connect the Skyroam Solis to the Wi-Fi signal. For this, use your unique username or SSID and password, which is located on the bottom of the device.

Step 3: Go to the Skyroam official website and register via email, Facebook, or phone number.

Step 4: Visit the Skyroam portal to change the password so that you secure the device. You can do this via a laptop or a cellphone.

Step 5: Press the Wi-Fi button located on the top of the device to start receiving the Wi-Fi signals.


Wrapping Up!

The Skyroam works in 130+ countries, which include the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

The Skyroam uses patented cutting-edge virtual SIM technology to connect users to the cell networks. The nearest cell network connects up to 300 carriers at 4G LTE wireless speeds.

Since the Skyroam can work off cell networks, the device will simply not work in a place where you don’t get a sell signal. For example, the device does not work if you are in the flight, cruise ship, or away from the cell towers (maybe Gobi Desert).

We haven’t seen such an incredible Wi-Fi hotspot device before. It is truly revolutionising and fulfilling the expectations of travellers, vacationers, and people who take business trips.

Don’t get annoyed by the poor hotel Wi-Fi – when you have the incredible Skyroam Solis device providing high-speed internet connectivity at the most competitive prices. We think it’s 100% worth your investment. Are you planning to buy it? Use our coupon code (TRAVELERAIR) for a 10% discount.

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