Teppy Pocket WiFi – An In-depth Review

Travel wifi

Teppy Pocket WiFi – An In-depth Review

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Everyone travels to some extent. One of the major factors in where and how someone travels is an internet connection.

Also, what happens when a person arrives and he wants to let his loved one know that he made it safe? He sends a text, SMS, or emails.

What if the connection is non-existent or sub-par? The notification will not go through. Let’s say you are a businessman and you need to download and send a contract file or be on a skype video chat – a reliable internet connection is your lifeline.

There are various reasons that tell us the importance of the internet for travel. Travel WiFi or TEP Wireless is a company that believes its Teppy Pocket WiFi device has revolutionized the travelling world.

To check the validity of the claim, we have reviewed the Teppy Pocket WiFi device. In today’s article, we are sharing our experience with the Teppy Wi-Fi device. Read on!

Travel wifi

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What is TEP Wireless?

TEP Wireless is an international company that offers portable Wi-Fi devices and Sim Cards to users in different countries of the world to make internet connectivity simple for people.

The mission of this company is to keep people connected to the WiFi while traveling. The Wi-Fi device they provide is excellent.

You can either purchase or rent the device to get access to the internet without having any connectivity trouble.

The portable Wi-Fi device is called Teppy, which is available on six continents. The company claims that the device even works on airplanes and cruises.

Using the company’s hotspot device, you can buy day passes, which allows you to get access to unlimited data in all areas where you receive coverage. Let us now talk about the design of the Teppy Pocket Wi-Fi hotspot device.

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Teppy Hotspot Wi-Fi device is a small, lightweight, and portable device. It comes with one button and a single mini-USB port, which is used for charging.

It has an exterior made of rubber material, which protects the device in case you drop it accidentally. The Teppy Wi-Fi device is neither waterproof not water-resistant.

If you want to protect the device from damages and water, you need to purchase a small waterproof sack or a zip-lock bag, which you can use to put in the device.

The main of the device is used to turn “ON” or “OFF” the device. You just need to press and hold it for a few seconds.

This Wi-Fi device has an LED screen, which shows three different statuses, which are coverage, data usage, and the company’s customer support information.


It is easy to connect the Teppy Wi-Fi device to your computer, tablet, and phone. To connect your phone or laptop, you need to use the network ID and password. This information is readily available on the home screen of the device when you turn it “ON.”

The Device’s ID and password remain the same every time you use the device. This means you don’t have to enter the ID and password, again and again, to connect the device to your phone or laptop.

When it comes to connectivity, the Teppy Wi-Fi device supports up to five devices at a time.

Like other portable Wi-Fi devices, when you connect multiple gadgets to it, the device will evenly distribute data, which means it can slow down the data transfer rates and reduce the performance. So, it is best to use it with a single gadget for the best performance.

We have tested the device using three gadgets – i.e. two phones and one laptop. The performance we measured was quite good. It depends on the signals as well.

On a full charge, the device offers 6-9 hours of use. So, even if you use the device heavily for three to five hours, you still will have at least a 50% charge left.

Use the USB cord to charge the device. Teppy offers a nice handy adaptor charger, which is a great addition for travellers.

Travel wifi

WiFi Performance

No matter where you are, the Wi-Fi performance of the Teppy Portable Hotspot device is optimal. In optimal conditions, you will have Wi-Fi speed ranging between 30 Mbps to 40 Mbps.

Compared to Airbnb internet where you can get 5 Mbps to download speed and 2 Mbps upload speed, the Teppy Wi-Fi does much better – i.e. 35 Mbps download speed and 22 Mbps upload speed.

This means you can stream HD videos on YouTube, Vimeo, download large files from Google Drive, and upload heavy documents to your email or any other cloud storage.

The reason is that Teppy WiFi device uses local data networks, which offers better connectivity and WiFi speeds both in urban and rural areas.

As we said earlier, the company claims that the device works on cruise ships, well, this is not true.

However, it works excellently in ports near a major city. So, you won’t get coverage on a plane or out at sea.

The best thing about the Teppy Wi-Fi device is that a building with thick walls won’t affect the wireless performance or coverage. We tested two devices in a building with thick stone walls.

One was AirBnB internet and the other one was our Teppy Pocket Wi-Fi. We found that Teppy worked much better than AirBnB internet. The coverage and speed were optimal.

Travel wifi - Rent now


TEP Company offers a reliable device, which we believe is an awesome travel internet hotspot, which provides access to a high-speed internet connection.

For instance, if you are traveling from the U.S to Germany, you don’t need to worry about SIM Cards anymore because TEP has got you covered.

The WiFi coverage is incredibly fast and you can quickly connect the device to your phone or any other electronic gadget.

For example, you have just landed at London Airport and you need to go to the hotel where you have made the booking – but you don’t know where the hotel is.

You need to open Google Maps, enter the name of the hotel, and find the route. Using the airport’s Wi-Fi, it will take 5-10 minutes to load Google Maps and show you the information.

It is because of the large number of people using the same WiFi at the airport. So, this is an intimidating and hassle situation.

On the other hand, if you have Teppy Pocket WiFi, connect it to your phone, and open Google Maps, it will show you the hotel information in less than a second.

Moreover, the TEP device supports 3G/4G networks, which means you will excellent download and upload speeds plus a safe, secure, and stable network connection.

So, when it comes to coverage, this device is perfect for all your needs and will work incredibly well in all European countries.

The device also works in other countries of the world such as the U.S, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, New Zealand, Australia, India, South Africa, and many others.

Travel wifi


The battery power of the Teppy Pocket WiFi is adequate and pleasing. You can configure the router to work as a Wi-Fi internet hotspot, which means you don’t need to configure it repeatedly to use it.

The battery will last for up to nine hours on a single full charge. This is quite helpful for people who are travelling constantly. In the standby mode, the device’s battery will even last longer.

We found that it lasts up to twenty hours on the standby mode. Make sure you charge the battery fully for optimal performance. When you don’t want to use the internet, just put the device on standby mode to save the battery.

Likewise, when you need to use Facebook, Skype, watch a video on YouTube, or download a large file from Google Drive, etc. you can switch the device back to the normal mode.

TEP offers a combo portable battery charger, which is useful in case the device’s original battery drains completely.


If you don’t want to buy Teppy Wi-Fi, you can rent it. The procedure is easy and the price is good as well. It is always a good idea to contact the customer support team and ask for the details of renting so that there is no frustration after renting it.

Second, you need to go to the official website of the TEP Company and find the “Rent” button. Click on it and you will see a basic form that you need to fill out with specific details – i.e. information about your trip such as the destination, the start, and end date, etc.

Next, you will jump to the “Delivery & Return” page of the website where you need to choose the location where you want to receive the device. Similarly, the next step is to fill in the billing details.

Travel wifi - Rent now

Customer Support

TEP offers excellent customer support and provides you with detailed and authentic information about anything you want to ask them about the portable Wi-Fi device and packages.

So, you can call or email them to ask any questions you may have before buying the portable WiFi hotspot.

Even after purchasing the device, you can contact the customer support and ask them questions on resolving any issues such as connectivity, coverage, speed, battery life, etc.

Although we have used the device and couldn’t find any issues with it, we had asked others that are using the Teppy Pocket WiFi device.

One user said that the device lost signals when he was travelling from Texas to Arizona. Another one said that the device was not accepting the network ID and password.

So, yes, there are concerns but all of them can be resolved if you convey the information adequately to the customer support.

Travel wifi - Rent now

Our Recommendations to the Company

Although we believe that Teppy Pocket Wi-Fi is a great device, it can improve information on countries of coverage.

For instance, if you go to the official website of the company and click on “Coverage,” it takes you to the page that shows information about the continents where they provide coverage.

Also, when you click on a specific location, the site will take you to another page where you don’t find the detailed information. All you find is the same information that was on the previous page.

So, we recommend the company to improve the information and add details on connectivity, coverage, WiFi speed, and other important things for specific locations. This will allow the user to know where the device performs well and where we have slow speeds.

Another important point is about the coverage of data that we think the company can act upfront about the speed of the internet, which throttle a few times a day. We don’t know the reason for that but TEP must work on this aspect so that the user does not have throttling issues.

This is important because when you opt to download a large file while travelling to London from Manchester for a business meeting and all of sudden you find that the internet speed is slower than your laptop can’t even browse the page.

Although this happens rarely, we suggest the company should consider the throttling issue and make efforts to resolve it.

If you have a 4G network upgrade, you will get 1 GB data per day. When you finish using 1GB data, all of sudden, your internet speed will slow down to 256 Kbps, which previously was 35-40 Mbps.

Travel wifi

Rent or Buy – Which option is more reliable?

You need to spend $99 to purchase the Teppy Pocket WiFi device. Once you have bought the device, then, you need to pay each day to use the data.

 Buy Teppy Pocket WiFi device 

On the other hand, when it comes to the price of the rent, it is based on the number of days you keep the device.

In addition, the difference in price for data on a daily basis is about $1/day – i.e. if you own the Teppy device, you need to pay $8 per day. Also, if you have rented it, you need to $9 per day.

Simply put, if you need WiFi for a longer period of time for your vacations or business trips, we recommend buying the device as it will save you hundreds of dollars.

Otherwise, if you have short-term plans for travelling, renting would be a good option.

Travel wifi - Rent now

Final Verdict

Teppy Pocket WiFi is an awesome device for people who need peace of mind and tranquillity as well as avoiding internet connectivity issues. You can use this device to connect to the internet using your phone or laptop anywhere.

No matter if you are in a hotel room, travelling in your car, train, bus, or sitting somewhere on top of the mountain, you can connect to the world using the Teppy high-speed Wi-Fi device.

It is a great device for both rural and urban areas around the world. The device will save you from the hassle of roaming charges and expensive data service plans. After owning the device, you can only pay to the company when you need the data. This is the best thing about the Teppy Wi-Fi device.

For some people, it is not affordable to pay $8 per day. However, when it comes to the connectivity and speed of the WiFi plus the portability of using the internet anywhere, paying this amount is extremely affordable and reliable for a large number of users.
Comparing to other network devices and services such as T-Mobile and AirBnB internet, Teppy has an incredible WiFi speed. Also, you avoid purchasing SIM cards in every country you travel to.

Although some users report that the device drops the signals occasionally – we haven’t faced such an issue. Again, this depends on where you are using the device. Overall, we think this is an ideal device for WiFi anywhere, reliable, portable, good battery life, high- speed, and pay as you go service.

Travel wifi


There are many Portable Wi-Fi devices you will find on the market that works all around the world. Each device has its own pros and cons.

However, when it comes to a portable device like Teppy WiFi hotspot, it has fewer disadvantages. It offers excellent portability and outstanding convenience.

The Wi-Fi device costs $99 – which is a one-time purchase. You have to spend $8 per day to access high-speed internet with 1GB data, which we think is good for vacationers and businessmen.

The device is specifically designed for travellers as it gives peace of mind while on the go. No matter if you are walking around London, New York, Tokyo, Delhi, or any other city, the portable device in your bag or pocket will offer faster connectivity, high-speed internet on both 3G and 4G networks.

So, if you are looking for something reliable, durable, and convenient, there is no better device than the Teppy Pocket Wi-Fi for high-speed internet connectivity. Remove your worries and enjoy your vacations or business trip to any part of the world. Good Luck!

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