Everything You Need to Know About Drimsim – Travel Sim


Everything You Need to Know About Drimsim

Drimsim is a global company. Its headquarters are located in Spain. In 2016, the company created a global SIM card for travellers. The company has also created a Drimsim app, which is available on both Android and iPhone. The app is free to use. The Company believes in a customer-oriented approach and this is the reason they say “Drimsim is of the travelers and for the travelers.”

The primary objective of the company is to give freedom to travelers when it comes to avoiding worries about data roaming charges, swapping SIM cards, and hunting for Wi-Fi in public places like hotels and restaurants. The reason why people around the world choose Drimsim is because of its quality and pricing structure, which is clear and simple.

The Company “Drimsim” believes in the principle of openness. They offer no limited data package and no hidden fees. They likewise offer the best rates to their customers around the world. The SIM card is designed in such a way that it can fit all sorts of mobile phone devices.

The best thing about this company is that they ship SIM cards around the world. Today, they work in over 195 countries across the world. However, you need to know that the company’s official representatives are located in Spain, Israel, and Russia.

AT&T, Vodafone, China Mobile, and MTX connect are the main partners of Drimsim. Besides, the company has a huge network of partnerships around the world and there are more than 400 companies in it.

Also, the international team of the Drimsim enables diversity in global networking communication. All of their employees make substantial efforts while following the policy of the company to communicate in a common working environment.

Drimsim is a rapidly growing company and everyone working in this company has been provided with significant growth opportunities. The mission of this company is to change the world for the better.

In today’s article, we are going to review Drimsim. Make sure you go through the article carefully so that you understand Drimsim in-depth and make an informed decision whether or not you should go for this product.

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Has Drimsim Changed Communication for Travellers?

Previously, people had to travel with multiple SIM cards to stay in touch with their loved ones, colleagues, or business partners. However, with Drimsim, people don’t travel with multiple SIM cards and do not worry about the roaming charges, which leave their wallets empty. The slow internet speed was another problem faced by travellers before Drimsim.

Drimsim is the first international SIM card for travellers. The company offers an app, which is free to use. It contains all the necessary features required by travellers to make their travelling easy and overcome communication problems. Drimsim is a real SIM card made of plastic with a chip – like other SIM cards.

Drimsim is a standard SIM card, which means not only you can insert it in your mobile device but also in a tablet and router. Compared to other SIM cards, Drimsim is not tied to an operator. Drimsim works in over 195 countries and provides stable communication. The speed of the internet is fast enough allowing you to even stream HD videos on your mobile.

Also, you can call your loved ones and they can call you. Drimsim allows you to chat, upload and download photos, make routes, and do not worry about spending your money on roaming. The interesting thing about Drimsim is that it directly negotiates with the operator. This, in turn, makes it cheaper than SIM cards and roaming from other providers.

The company avails a high-quality app, which helps people keep track of their expenses. You can refill the balance manually or through auto-payments. Likewise, money is written off in megabytes and seconds. However, this is not valid for all packages and subscribers. So, yes, we can say that Drimsim has changed communication on a global scale.

Drimsim is a unique and innovative product and with such innovation, which unrolls day- by-day, it is helping millions of people across the world. In fact, we can say that it has redefined travelling and made things comfortable and easier for everyone. This is why we believe that Drimsim must be your travel companion.

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Benefits of travel SIMs – Drimsim

Travelling is a common thing in the globalised world. Every day, millions of people travel around the world for different purposes. Travelling has opened up new places for people around the world and they can explore it by travelling through planes, ships, trains, etc.

Today, it is easy to travel to another country with relaxed visa rules. You can travel for fun or work – however, what about carrying an international SIM card like Drimsim? If you are happy to travel with multiple cards, then we need to tell you that you not only you are wasting your time but also money.

When you travel to another country, your travel cost is already high. Also, you would want to stay connected with your family and friends back home.

This is true – however, the excessive roaming charges make you stay off the grid from staying connected with your family or friends. You must know that this is not the case anymore because you have the most advanced, cutting-edge technology that helps you stay connected with your family and friends. Yes, we are talking about Drimsim.

Now, you can get Drimsim and enjoy the wide range of benefits, which come with it. Some of the most incredible benefits of Drimsim as a traveling SIM are given below. Continue reading!

1. Free incoming calls

A lot of people travel with local SIM cards. When you land at the airport in another country, the SIM card stops working. This makes you buy another SIM that costs you extra money. The bad thing here is the high charges on incoming calls. A lot of people face this issue and this is why they don’t enjoy their trip.

If you have a prepaid connection, it might give you a little peace of mind but then again, you might have to deal with higher phone bills because you didn’t consider the charges of roaming while you were travelling.

So much so, to overcome this issue, you can buy an international card like Drimsim as it does not charge for incoming calls. Thus, with Drimsim, you can enjoy your traveling and have a great experience abroad.

2. Prepaid number only

Drimsim is a prepaid card, which means you only have to pay for the calls that you have already made. Drimsim has no hidden fees or charges, unlike other SIM cards. Otherwise, you would have to pay a lot of money on texts and phone calls.

Although Drimsim is a good option, we recommend you to check the various packages and plans it offers to the customers. This will help you choose a plan or package that suits you the best and come within your budget.

3. Pay local call rates

International SIMS – also known as Travel SIMS – are beneficial when it comes to travelling abroad and staying there for some time. With other SIMS, you are charged heavily while making calls. However, with a travelling SIM card like Drimsim, you pay the local rate, which applies to that country.

Also, it is better to buy Drimsim and travel with it aboard. This, in particular, is beneficial for people who travel across different countries. Imagine, with a local SIM card, you have to change it when you move from one country to another.

On the other hand, with an international SIM card like Drimsim, you can use it everywhere and save up to 90% on the phone and internet charge.

4. Compatible with all devices

Travel SIMs like Drimsim are compatible with all devices including Android phones and iPhones. Drimsim is a smart SIM card, which is compatible with all smartphones. Not only can you use it on smartphones but also on your laptop and tablets. If you have an Iphone XS, please ask Drimsim for a E-sim.

The cost of buying Drimsim is lower than purchasing local SIM cards in most countries you visit. So, when you travel abroad, forget the local SIM cards and instead go for an international or travel SIM card like Drimsim. This way, you will stay connected with your family and friends throughout the trip.
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Key features of the Drimsim offering

Drimsim is the most popular international SIM card offering a wide range of features and benefits. The free app of Drimsim is available for android and iOS for efficient SIM card operation. The app is used for checking the current balance, charging the SIM, contact the customer support team, and check the number of calling minutes and internet megabits “MBs.”

Besides, the Drimsim offers a unique phone number to each user. The interesting thing is that you can assign your number to it. Also, you can use VoIP-telephony. Another important function is DrimCall, which is a built-in android app. If you are using an iOS device, you can download the Drimphone application to use the SIM.

Once you have attached the phone number, you can make calls as usual. Most often, there are no charges for income calls. However, in Europe, you will pay 10 Euro cents per minute for it. You need to know that this type of call costs less than making regular calls with Drimsim.

Another key feature of the Drimsim is its validity in over 195 countries of the world. So, you don’t need a roaming connection or pay special rates.


Pros and Cons of Drimsim

First, for all local operators, the prices for communication is the same. Second, you don’t need a local SIM card in a country where you have visited. You also don’t need to determine the tariffs abroad. On the official website of the company, you can use the tariff calculator to measure the cost of communication or calls in each of the 195+ countries.

Also, there are limitations on calls. There are subscriptions and hidden fees. Using the application, you can view the cost of calls and the cost of using internet MBs. The customer support service is awesome and the agents will answer each of your queries with a few minutes.

It is important to load balance in the SIM card after activation. Based on the actual usage, the company will charge you on that particular balance. Once you have activated the SIM card, you can store it for one year without using it. You can charge Drimsim for another year with one transaction.

Moreover, inactivity won’t terminate your Drimsim card. However, if the SIM remains inactive for 360 days, the company will charge you $0.5 or 0.5 Euros monthly. This is for keeping the number. Your local number can be attached to the Drimsim SIM card.

On the other hand, there are no significant disadvantages to using the Drimsim SIM card. However, some users say that the packages are pricey.

Rates/Costs – Drimsim

Like other countries, in the United Kingdom, Drimsim charges 0.010 Euros per MB data. Local to mobile charges per minute is 0.12 Euros. Local to landline charges per minute is 0.12 Euros, as well as incoming call charges per minute, is 0.00.

This means incoming calls are free and the company won’t charge you. Call to Drimsim charges per minute is 0.10 Euros and SMS to Drimsim charges per minute is 0.03 Euros. Check rates and costs for each country!


Where and for whom the Drimsim product will be useful for?

Travellers require the use of SIM cards because they need to call their family members, friends, colleagues, business partners, etc. Recent reports show that young adults are rapidly buying Drimsim SIM cards. This does not mean that only young adults are the primary or target audience of the company.

Drimsim is good for people who go aboard often and for those making frequent short trips. This, in particular, is useful for people who make at least two trips abroad for a few days every month. When you travel to numerous countries, you need a new SIM card and thus you buy it in each country.

However, the problem is that if you have to spend only a few days in that country, once you travel from it to another country, you will dump the card or keep it for future use.

Usually, vendors sell Travel SIM Cards in crowded or public places. Although the Tariffs are favorable they are mostly prepaid. This means you have to use the money fully – otherwise, you will lose it after some time – i.e. in a month. In contrast, Drimsim is the ideal SIM card, which is a global solution, which fulfills all of your texting, calling, and internet needs.

Drimsim is also useful for people traveling regularly or permanently. For instance, if you are a person who lives in the U.S but spends most of your winters in South America and summers in Europe, you need Drimsim. If you use calls and the internet, then the home operators that offer you tariffs are beneficial. However, this is limited, especially in terms of traffic allowed per day.

You pay for the internet connection but when it is expired, you often face the problem of slow internet. Sometimes, the internet is even disconnected. Contrarily, the Drimsim SIM card has no speed or traffic limitations. The speed of the internet relies on the offering of local mobile operators.

So much so, Drimsim has been found useful for pilots and sailors who can use this SIM card on coastal areas. They can make calls from various locations around the world that land and dock.



Wrapping up, when you land in a new country, you won’t need to rush for a SIM card provider shop to buy a new SIM – if and only if you have Drimsim inserted in your mobile phone or tablet to make calls to your family and friends. This is hassle-free!

It is important to know that Drimsim does not require you to go through a complicated multi-step installation process. Drimsim is easy as you don’t need to set up roaming or purchase a local SIM card. The moment you turn off the flight-mode, Drimsim will be online and you are ready to make calls or use the internet.

Lastly, the Drimsim app offers all the essential features to the user. Drimsim has revolutionised the world of communication, especially for travellers. More and more travellers are getting rid of repeatedly buying local SIM cards and tend to buy the Drimsim SIM cards.


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