What to do if you miss your flight?

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About to miss your flight? Here are some tips on What to do if you miss your flight?

Going through a slow security line can induce panic – especially when you know that your flight will depart in a few minutes. Surely, you don’t want such a situation – but sometimes, it happens. So, what to do if you miss your flight? This is an important question that we will answer in today’s article. Therefore, read this article carefully!

Plan on missing your flight

This may seem a little strange to you and you might think about why you would want to plan on missing your flight. Well, to clarify things, you need to know that there are times when you book a flight but at the same time, you know you would barely make it. You can apply your strategy considering a few conditions.

For instance, you need to find the schedule for the next available flights. Next, you need to think about traveling with your boarding pass and carry-on bags. Find out the gate from which you will depart as well as the quickest way to it. This approach is not suitable for international flights or those with only one or two flights per day.

Try to make the flight

You have come to know about missing your flight. You may think there is no other way but still, we advise you to try to make the flight. Make sure you make efforts to get to the airport – even if you think you won’t make it.

Do you know why we are advising you this? Well, sometimes, the flight is delayed – so, even if you are late, you can make it. In such situations, you can easily make your flight.

Pay attention to baggage cutoffs

Even if you have enough time to board the flight, it is important to pay attention to the baggage cutoffs. It is because if you miss the cutoff time, you won’t be able to check your baggage.

Make sure you understand the baggage cut off policy of the airline, which often varies by destination and not by the carrier. For example, the check-in requirements time John F. Kennedy Airport “New York” is one hour while in San Francisco, it is 40 minutes.

Contact the Airline

If you come to know that you will probably miss your flight, we recommend you to call the airline – this, in particular, is important before the departure of the flight. When you make a call to the airline, you need to tell them the actual reasons, which are causing you to get late to the airport.
For example, one of your family members had a cut on his or her hand and you had to take him or her to the hospital emergency department.
High traffic could be another cause of not making to the airport on time. Since these things are really not in your control, you can tell everything to the agent. They may either re-book you over the call or just tell you to show up.

Remember blanket waivers

It is no surprise to tell you that harsh weather conditions or any emergency situation can cause major disruption – especially for regional flights. There is a thing called “blanket waivers” issued by the airlines. This actually allows you to change your flight at no charge. Whatever the reason, using blanket waivers can be beneficial if you are running late.

Pay for a new seat

There are absolutely no options left for you if you want to book a new flight for free. Although you can talk to the airline agent and request to reserve for you a new seat, and if the agent says okay, you are the luckiest person in this world who would board the flight. In 99% of situations, you need to pay to get a new seat.

In this regard, we must tell you the benefits of having travel insurance. So, if you are getting late and would not make it to the flight, you can add on insurance while buying a ticket to protect yourself in the event of a missed flight.

If you have missed in your flight before and have a tips for fellow travelers in a similar situation, please leave them in the comments sections. We wish you the best of luck!

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